Enabling The Connected Hospital: How to Solve Coordination Between HTM, IT, Facilities, Supply Chain and Clinical Care Departments

  • July 15
  • 2:00 PM ET
During the webinar, we will showcase some of the advanced capabilities in Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace system that optimizes clinical device maintenance and coordinates support activities. Please join us to see how you can improve operational performance at your healthcare organization and drive departmental collaboration for the business.

The Connected Future: How To Integrate HR, IT, and Facilities with Nuvolo & ServiceNow

  • July 23
  • 1:00 PM ET
The future of the modern workplace is fully connected. IT no longer works in a silo detached from the rest of the business. HR, IT, and Facilites all have to manage the same people, assets, and locations so using technology and business processes to make this management seamless is imperative to success. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to build a connected workplace and how to use ServiceNow and Nuvolo for Facilities Service and Space Management to take advantage of true enterprise capabilities on the Now Platform.

How Modern CMMS Technology Can Improve Your AEM Program

Organizations looking to establish or improve their Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) program can gain insight into AEM best practices and how to implement them using with a modern Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) system with automated risk scoring metrics. Learn how to apply the latest AEM processes to your CMMS system, how AEM can benefit your organization, and how this modern CMMS has implemented the latest capabilities.

The Connected Workplace: Best Practices to Embrace the New Normal

Cask and Nuvolo have partnered to help customers leverage their investment in the NOW platform to modernize their outdated, often siloed, workplaces. Manage IT, HR, Facilities Maintenance, Space Planning, Capital Projects, Real Estate and Sustainability in a single connected system. This is the Connected Workplace.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Requires HTM, Facilities and IT to Collaborate More Than Ever

This 60 minute webinar includes a number of healthcare organizations across the country and members of HTM, Facilities and IT to share how they worked together to address Covid-19. This session is moderated by Heidi Horn, Vice President, Global Enablement – Healthcare at Nuvolo. The convergence of HTM, Facilities and IT has helped hospitals move quickly to address the needs of their patients and hospital staff. Learn from these healthcare organizations how HTM, Facilities and IT came together to address this pandemic, and how they believe this will impact the way the departments collaborate in the future.

How 7-Eleven Transformed Facilities Management

Learn how 7-Eleven has transformed their facilities management operations across their 10,000+ convenience retail stores in the US and Canada. With Nuvolo, 7-Eleven has greater control and visibility over their store operations and 3rd party vendor process.

Managing Parts Inventory During Recovery

This 60 minute webinar will feature Dustin Smith, Senior Solutions Consultant at Nuvolo and David Brennan, SVP, Chief Product Officer at PartsSource. In this session PartsSource will be sharing how hospitals are working to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and move into a proactive model to get ahead of equipment management.

How USAID Digitally Transformed the Humanitarian Inventory Management System (HIMS)

In this session you will learn how USAID replaced spreadsheets and manual processes to track their critical inventory at 8 global warehouses — housing over 25,000 metric tons of food commodities worth over $13 million. Using Nuvolo powered on ServiceNow iTech deployed a solution USAID calls their Humanitarian Inventory Management System (HIMS). This digital transformation now allows USAID to have real-time view of inventory data, shipments and status information as their support crisis events needing their food and supplies

Don't Take Risks with Medical Device Risk Scoring

In this 60-minute webinar, HTM-industry experts Matt Baretich PE PhD and Carol Davis-Smith, CCE, FACCE, AAMIF will discuss the need for an industry-wide methodology to accurately determine the risk of medical devices. Determining the risk a medical device poses to patients or staff should it malfunction is not only a regulatory requirement, it can also be used to determine work order prioritization, hazard alert response, AEM eligibility, and equipment replacement needs.