Is Your CMMS Vendor Helping You Advance Your HTM Vision?

When it comes to your CMMS you need a long-term partner, not a software vendor. Learn how a strategic partner can help you manage all aspects of the hospital now, and in the future.

How Parkland Health & Hospital System Optimized OT Cyber Security

Just three years ago the HTM group at Parkland Health and Hospital System decided to modernize their CMMS application and associated business processes. They chose Nuvolo as the flexible and scalable platform to help them achieve their business goals then and into the future. Their digital transformation has been spectacular with key improvements in clinical device management and support process efficiency gains across the board. And now they have plans to optimize OT cyber security with synergized monitoring, alerts, and remediation.

Why Our Clients Are Making the Switch

We originally went with the Accruent Connectiv tool based on their demo, which to our untrained eyes appeared to have more out-of-the-box configurations. We knew we were in trouble as soon as we began the implementation process and ended up having so many issues that we moved to Nuvolo and haven't looked back.
- VP of Healthcare Technology Management at a Large Healthcare System
Before switching to Nuvolo, we had a lot of issues with our previous CMMS provider that they just weren’t addressing. The Nuvolo CMMS has met the needs of our health system, and can adapt as our needs change.”
- Marcus Cooper, Clinical Engineer, Parkland Health and Hospital System
"The Nuvolo team has a deep knowledge and understanding of the healthcare industry and were very responsive to healthcare industry issues that matter most to us and our customers."

- Rick Staab, CEO at InterMed
We not only were looking for a modern-day CMMS that could meet the needs of our Clinical Engineering department today and into the future, but also a CMMS company that would be a strategic partner. That is why we chose Nuvolo”

– Dan Ritter, Director of Clinical Engineering & Capital Sourcing at SCL Health.

The Difference? One Solution To Manage It All


What our Clients are Saying

A Children’s Hospital with over 30,000 medical devices and 7,500 employees were able to modernize their planned and corrective maintenance for their medical fleet. These changes have resulted in clinical engineer productivity and increased service management efficiency since go live.

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