Service Description: Nuvolo Advisory Service (20 Hours Per Week)



Nuvolo’s Advisory Services package provides thought leadership and guidance on best practices for the setup and implementation of the Nuvolo software suite.

Customer Engagement Responsibilities

Customer is responsible for the following activities

  • Customer will provide the Nuvolo resource with system admin access as needed to provide the Service
  • Customer will onboard the Nuvolo resource and provide an overview of the system environment and scope of work
  • Customer is responsible for scheduling support and meetings with at least 72 hours of notification.
  • Customer is responsible for providing a trained implementation team that has completed Nuvolo’s Partner activation steps
  • The customer is responsible to engage the Nuvolo Advisory Resource for the allotted time per week
  • Customer will effectively manage its own employees and have in place proper contracts with third-party suppliers and sub-contractors and ensure all co-operate with Nuvolo as is necessary for the proper performance of the services.
  • Customer will inform Nuvolo personnel when and at the time any video or other recording is taken of Customer and Nuvolo or a Nuvolo Partner during the engagement, including without limitation meetings and training sessions, and will promptly provide Nuvolo with a copy of such recording.

Nuvolo Engagement Responsibilities

Nuvolo is responsible for the following activities

  • Provide leadership and guidance on best practices for the setup and implementation of the Nuvolo software suite. ​
  • Conducting research and sharing Nuvolo artifacts
  • Attend a daily project standup and provide Nuvolo subject matter expertise.​
  • Provide guidance on workshops and grooming session preparation.​
  • Attend and provide support in select workshops/grooming sessions​
  • Review and provide ongoing feedback on Nuvolo system configuration, solution design & customizations

Change Requests

If there is a change in scope, assumptions, capability discovered during the implementation kickoff then Nuvolo will require a Change Request. Any Change Request signed by both parties shall be effective as of the date set forth therein (each, a “Change Order”).  Instances in which a Change Order shall be required include: (1) Customer’s requests for out-of-scope Services; (2) discovery of new information that requires an increase in the scope of Services; or (3) Customer’s failure to fulfill any of its responsibilities if such failure delays the Services or requires Nuvolo to incur additional time or costs in performing Services.

If the parties do not agree on a Change Order, the Engagement shall proceed as originally set forth. If, however, the existing Engagement or any specific Services cannot proceed without an executed Change Order, Nuvolo may suspend Services until the Change Order is executed.

Delivery Terms

This package includes a fixed capacity of 20 hours per week and will be billed on a fixed schedule every four weeks. Nuvolo will deliver the services remotely. The duration of the engagement will be based on the quantity defined in the order form.

Any activities or tasks not specifically outlined in this Service Description are out of scope.

Performance By Third Parties

To the extent the agreement requires written approval by the parties to utilize third parties in delivery of the Services set forth herein, the parties agree that this SOW or Order Form shall constitute such approval.

Nuvolo Access Requirements

Customer will provide access requirements and policies required of Nuvolo resources along with onboarding timelines prior to execution of this SOW. Customer acknowledges that all obligations of Nuvolo under this SOW will require Nuvolo (including any subcontractors) to have direct access to Customer’s ServiceNow sub- production instance(s). Administrative access will be required in the sub-production instance(s) only and at no time will Nuvolo have access to the production environment.

Services shall be preconditioned upon Nuvolo receiving such access and proportionately limited to the extent access is denied. Failure to provide timely access may result in timeline delays and costs increase as outlined in this SOW. Additionally, Customer acknowledges that Nuvolo will leverage a mix of onshore and offshore resources in support of the Engagement.