Service Description: Nuvolo Setup of ServiceNow Instance Service



Nuvolo’s Setup of ServiceNow Instance Service provides our clients with a dedicated environment connected to the client’s user authentication process. The fixed-scope engagement follows a pre-defined setup strategy to streamline the configuration process and focuses on a rapid time-to-value deployment.


  • An accompanying setup service.

Scope of Work

Implementation Kickoff

The accompanying setup service will begin with a kickoff meeting for the teams to meet and review the implementation process. In addition, the current Active Directory (AD) and single sign on (SSO) implementation(s) will be reviewed.

Core Environment Setup

Nuvolo will complete the following activities and tasks for the core environment setup:

  • ServiceNow Environment Setup
    • Name instances received from ServiceNow based on Customer requirements.
      • Receive access from Customer to non-production ServiceNow instance(s), if already provisioned.
    • Purge all demo data from instance.
    • Upload logo, configure banner text, and configure welcome page content for login page.
    • Configure the system default date format, time format, and time zone.
    • Confirm POP3-SMTP e-mail is operational and set e-mail override properties for development.
    • Configure e-mail catch-box for non-production instance.
    • Coordinate the setup of admin access for project team and engagement managers.
  • AD Integration
    • Allow employee data to be populated from Customer AD system into Nuvolo.
    • The following setup will be completed:
      • AD Server.
      • LDAP OU(s) identified in the analysis phase.
      • Data source and transform map.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Setup
    • Enable the ability for users to use their SSO provider credentials to log in to Nuvolo without requiring a local username and password.
    • The following setup will be completed:
      • Install plugin and enable SSO.
      • Import identity provider metadata.
      • Configure multi-provider SSO, if required.

Customer will:

  • Migrate the update sets and appropriate XML data (i.e., configurations) made in Sub Production instance(s) to Production instance.
  • Verify user activation and de-activation within AD and SSO.


The services outlined in this document will be integrated into the timeline of the accompanying setup service. This setup service may add up to two (2) additional weeks to the accompanying setup service.

Delivery Terms

Any additional effort required related to complexity, scope or project duration will be subject to the change request process.

Any activities or tasks not specifically outlined in this Service Description are out of scope.

Change Requests

If there is a change in scope, assumptions, capability, timeline or project duration (each, a “Change Request”) discovered during the implementation kickoff then Nuvolo will require a Change Request. Any Change Request signed by both parties shall be effective as of the date set forth therein (each, a “Change Order”). Instances in which a Change Order shall be required include: (1) Customer’s requests for out-of-scope Services; (2) discovery of new information that requires an increase in the scope of Services; or (3) Customer’s failure to fulfill any of its responsibilities if such failure delays the Services or requires Nuvolo to incur additional time or costs in performing Services.

If the parties do not agree on a Change Order, the Engagement shall proceed as originally set forth. If, however, the existing Engagement or any specific Services cannot proceed without an executed Change Order, Nuvolo may suspend Services until the Change Order is executed.

Nuvolo Access Requirements

Customer will provide access requirements and policies required of Nuvolo resources along with onboarding timelines prior to execution of this SOW. Customer acknowledges that all obligations of Nuvolo under this SOW will require Nuvolo (including any subcontractors) to have direct access to Customer’s ServiceNow sub- production instance(s). Administrative access will be required in the sub-production instance(s) only and at no time will Nuvolo have access to the production environment.

Services shall be preconditioned upon Nuvolo receiving such access and proportionately limited to the extent access is denied. Failure to provide timely access may result in timeline delays and costs increase as outlined in this SOW. Additionally, Customer acknowledges that Nuvolo will leverage a mix of onshore and offshore resources in support of the Engagement.