Service Description: Technical Account Manager



Nuvolo’s Technical Account Manager (TAM) Service provides our customers with a designated, single point of contact for all related Customer Care support services provided by Nuvolo


Nuvolo TAM will:

  • Be the single point of contact for troubleshooting and support for Customer cases.
  • Follow-up and spearhead the timely resolution of support cases.
  • Conduct scheduled meetings to capture configuration and provide technical support recommendations.
  • Evaluating customer needs to suggest upgrades or additional features and expansion.
  • Develop a deep technical understanding of the customer’s operating environment.
  • Liaise directly with Product Engineering for escalated issues.
  • Support case ownership to identify common issues for broader resolution (e.g. training, product, enhancements, etc.)
  • Minor enhancements to enable the customer experience as needed.
  • Answering product-related technical queries in a timely manner.
  • Provide Upgrade support and testing for timely migration to latest versions

Customer will:

  • Log support cases through Nuvolo standard support channels as represented in the provided Customer Success Manager guide.

Delivery Terms

  • TAM is available during normal business hours (8am to 5pm Eastern Time) or by mutual agreement with the customer.
  • When TAM has scheduled time off (vacation, holiday), Nuvolo will continue to provide standard support for break/fix issues through our standard Technical Engineering team.   In advance of scheduled time-off, the TAM will work with the customer to coordinate any on-going issues that require a continuation of support during their absence.
  • In the event of an unscheduled absence, Nuvolo will make a reasonable effort to minimize any disruption to on-going activities being managed by the TAM.
  • Nuvolo will not provide a replacement TAM for short-term scheduled or unscheduled absences by the primary TAM.

Any activities or tasks not specifically outlined in this Service Description, including, but not limited to the following are out of scope:

  • Implementation activities or services
  • Integration activities or services
  • Data migration or migration activities or services
  • Coding or custom software development
  • Formal product training